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Decal question

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Decal question

Postby Blackhorse 11 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:26 am

I have 3x Hueys that I got in Korea and now that the flight stands are done I figured I should go ahead and do the choppers. In the past I've always done things with US markings, but that kind of pigeon holes you in what missions you can do. For years I had this Marine helicopter ferrying Army dudes around. (it was 1/48 scale and the dudes were 1/72, but we won't get into that. :whistle )

I want to keep them as generic as possible, but they do need something other than OD paint. I want to be able to use them as Army, Marine, Aussie, SVN, CIA etc. What decals should I use? Anyone else do this?
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Blackhorse 11
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Re: Decal question

Postby Smitty14 » Fri Jan 08, 2016 6:25 pm

I'm interested in the same info actually. I left decals off my choppers for this reason.
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Re: Decal question

Postby Mishima » Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:35 am

I have always left mine just plain OD for the same reason.
But it does look a bit bland - so I'd also be interested in people's solutions.
For 15mm Vietnam Riverine models.
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Re: Decal question

Postby jimmi » Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:08 am

I have the same philosophy with a lot of 'gear .. so I try to just invent my own tactical symbols (colours and shapes etc) and numbering to be useful on the table.

I therefore try to source numbers from spare decals ...( eg. WW2 German armour kits ) , and either hand-paint my tac-symbols / colours or source something from somewhere else. (eg ... the yellow triangle tac-symbol on my 1/100 Marine CH34 was taken from a 1/72 Matchbox British 18-pounder kit . )

I suggest there should be an airframe number on the tail, and on/near the fusilage near the cockpit/pilots or rotor shaft (so they can account for the wreckage by finding either piece) ,
and there should be a formation number or identifier somewhere obvious so it can be seen from various aspects in flight (eg ; on the nose, on the tailplane control surface or top of the fusilage , and/or on the pilot doors ) ....and/or some sort of tac symbol (eg. coloured shape, or stylized predatory animal /eg; wasp, shark, tiger, lion, bear, wolf etc ... maybe sourced from an ancients or medieval shield-decals for example)

Is this useful ?

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Re: Decal question

Postby Darby » Mon Jan 11, 2016 8:14 am

The hard part of this is that the USMC and US Army painted their Hueys in totally different colors (OD green for Army, Gunship Green for Marines, unless the Marine Huey in question was scabbed from the Army as sometimes happened), as did the Navy. Air Force and Army were basically the same, except for those working for SOG (had the camo).

Early war Army markings were in color, on the tailboom ARMY in white, and the white star on blue circle and banner forwards of it. Numbers were also usually white.
Early Marine adoption: on tailboom MARINES in white, numbers in white also.
Later: Army has "United States Army" in black along tailboom. numbers were sometimes still in white. Marines (from what I understand) did not adopt the black letters until late '69 when they started using more Hueys for lift (rather than the Phrog/Sea Knight)

So none of that is probably helpful... Like Jimmi said, I'd go for white numbers
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