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Flashpoint Vietnam 15mm Sampans, Village, and Jungle Terrain

A place for members to share modelling tips and tricks, as well as pics of miniatures, terrain, table set-ups.

Flashpoint Vietnam 15mm Sampans, Village, and Jungle Terrain

Postby Just Jack » Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:11 pm


I have been remiss! Slacking in my blogging duties! For quite some time now I've been working on Vietnam stuff in 15mm. I've painted up and posted US Marines, US Army, ARVN, Australians, North Vietnamese Army, Vietcong, helicopters, tanks, amtracs. I've even posted three battle reports:

1: http://cubalibrewargame.blogspot.com/20 ... ude-i.html

2: http://cubalibrewargame.blogspot.com/20 ... de-ii.html

3: http://cubalibrewargame.blogspot.com/20 ... e-iii.html

But what I haven't posted is all my wonderful terrain! So first, understand that I've had quite a few trees of various types for quite some time, so I'm not showing those here. But I picked up more trees, as well as a bunch of village stuff, and that's what I want to show you here. Most everything is from Jimmi at Flashpoint Minis, though there are some banana trees from Pegasus and a few odds and ends from Flytrap Minis.

Here's all the stuff, with the intent being to make my table look better and more authentic. I think it works ;)

A Buddhist shrine with coconut tree and bamboo. Yeah, I know bamboo is green, I just wanted it to stand out. In any case, to see a whole lot more photos, please check the blog at:
http://blackhawkhet.blogspot.com/2016/1 ... llage.html

Having finished up Operation Pay-Off, I've got time on my hands and lots of ideas. One that has recently popped back in my head is a return to Ivan's "No End In Sight" platoon-level rules. We'll see what happens.

Just Jack
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Re: Flashpoint Vietnam 15mm Sampans, Village, and Jungle Ter

Postby alnewhaven » Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:25 am

Looks good Jack . And I now know what the shrine is, Couldn't work out what it was for in my pack. :-(

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Re: Flashpoint Vietnam 15mm Sampans, Village, and Jungle Ter

Postby jimmi » Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:24 pm

Howdy , just seen this , awesome ! Thanks for posting Jack !
I really like what you have done with the plastic palm trees , I see you have painted the trunks dark brown and dulled down the shiny green leaves. ..looks very effective , and takes these from being 'plastic palm trees' to another level entirely .

I'm still working towards a "Village bundle" of pieces, including some padi fields and taller grass .
I have shown this off before (here somewhere) in my experiment to make a batch of village terrain pieces that 'fit' on 60x50mm bases or smaller .
I've only just yesterday casted out a full set of pieces for this ...so I can weigh it all and put it in the 'shop (and know how much it will cost to post).

FWIW the "shrine" piece is intended to be a little "spirit house" commonly seen outside Buddhist houses in Vietnam.
The 'spirit house' is provided for wandering spirits (ie; ghosts/dead people) to rest , so they don't have the urge to go inside populated houses (ie; with living people). So you will see these outside (or on top of) buildings in urban areas,.. or somewhere just on the fringes of a rural village, or outside the headman's house (...if he's Buddhist). You might see some fairly elaborate ones inside Buddhist monasteries ..where looking after wandering spirits is one of the 'duties' of (senior) Buddhist monks.

There is often a little light (electric in urban areas) or candle left in it after dark ... so for night games it's a navigation (and meeting/signalling) point ..usually for the VC . .... If this helps for scenario design.

looks great ! ...always completely enjoy seeing other peoples' stuff.


If the enemy is in range ...then so are you .
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Re: Flashpoint Vietnam 15mm Sampans, Village, and Jungle Ter

Postby GARRYOWEN » Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:49 pm

I missed this thread too.

I love your terrain tiles!!

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